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Comparing Local Cities

An introduction to the comparisons of our six cities

In order to properly display the differences between cities on every metric, we have created a series of visualizations that allow for an insightful look into how each city is ranked for each metric.


Category Scores By City

This visualization describes how well each city fits into each of our 9 categories. The scores are from 0 to 1, normalized for the amount of data per city. For more information, read the Breadth section of our methodology.

City Rank Based on Data Sets

This bar graph depicts the difference between cities on relative data amount. That is, the ratio of the number of cities per 1000 photos is graphed for each city.


This graph shows a cumulative distribution function of the last update times. This means that at any point in this graph we can see the percentage of datasets that were updated x number of days before Monday April 30th. Ex: 46% of San Francisco’s datasets were updated 67 days ago or less.

Accessibility for all Cities

This is the average number of views and downloads for each city, allowing us to have some perspective how many people use the open data between cities.

Individual City Data

Double click on the location to toggle the data summary for the city.

  • Santa Rosa
  • Richmond
  • Berkeley
  • Oakland
  • Menlo Park
  • San Francisco

San Francisco



Santa Rosa

Menlo Park


Santa Rosa Richmond Berkeley Oakland Menlo Park San Francisco